Subject-Verb Agreement Game

Finally, do you want to be able to guide your students to some fun online games to practice the topics and verbs online? Here are some of our best tips: either my mom or my dad is coming to my game tonight. You can use the image request as a kind of test at the end of your subject/verb convention course. The way it works is that you`ll find an image with a lot of people doing things. Then, students have to make a number of sentences out of it in their notebooks. The rules of the subject submission agreement are as follows. If the subject is singular, the corresponding verb must also be singular. But if the subject is plural, the verb must be me too. If the subject is two or more names or pronouns that are related to each other, use a plural verblage. To learn more about the different games, please visit Choose whether you want to practice the agreement between the subject by navigating an insidious galaxy filled with green monsters, a sea full of pirates or a river full of crocodiles. One way or another, it will make your heart beat. Suddenly, the English grammar exercise is no longer boring with these games. Because of their mother tongue, pupils in some countries are more confronted than others with the concordance between subject and verb. For example, in Korean, the verb is always at the end of the sentence, so it can be a bit of a struggle to have it at the beginning as in an English sentence.

The download also contains a harder version – more suitable for older learners. I used the level 2 match with my CM1 and DE6 students. I think learning cards are one of the most used activities of the ESL. The way it works with the outbidding of topics and verbs is that you can show each student a tab. Or any student can choose one from a stack in the middle of the room, face up. Students play in groups of 4 people and deposit the organized verdeewandt cards. The first students turn over two cards and if they match the concordance between the subject and the verb, they keep them and get a period. Plus, go ahead. Otherwise, the next person leaves. The game continues until all matches are made.

The time spent creating better sentences with our students will never be a waste of time! And of course, a large part of them is a subject-verb correspondence. The game is very amazing. It is a set of innovations. It`s an honour! Here`s one of my best tips for teaching the verb: I`m going to use this game for my students. Thank you u ma`am for sharing Get this funny spelling games from the membership page! The download contains resources for cvce word spelling, long vocal teams, and multi-line words. There is nothing better than a good yes or no question to see if your students understand the fit between the subject and the verb. For example: As you can see, there are many correct uses of topic correspondence. As students write their sentences, flow through the courses and focus your error correction on it. Read more here: Although I haven`t finished it yet at the time, I`ve uploaded a printable list of subject-verb agreement rules that you can give your students as a reference. Use this simple warm-up activity to check the subject/verb chords at the beginning of teaching…