Security Company Partnership Agreement

4. The Partnership Secretariat shall be located at. The Contracting Parties may open branches in other agreed places. 3. The activity of the partnership (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) consists of the manufacture, purchase and sale of the products mentioned in the list below, using the patent rights acquired by the party to the first party. 2. The partnership begins with the. The day of the year. And the time of the partnership, he will do it according to his will. e.

unilaterally enter into a partnership or other matter with another person. 1. The parties agree, in partnership, on the following operations, in the name and style of M/s, under the conditions contained therein. 20. All tangible and intangible assets of the enterprise, including good business, trading stocks, the benefit of commercial licenses and licenses, the benefits of contracts concluded, etc. The share of the gains and losses of the part of the second part of the enterprise belongs to each of the partners of that party in the same proportion as provided for in the act of partnership of the part of the second part. 25. If a party wishes to leave the enterprise, it must report it to the others at least three months before and after the expiry of the notice period, the party is considered to have retired. Neither party has the right to terminate the partnership. h.

to borrow money for or on behalf of the enterprise or to create a guarantee or charge for the assets of the enterprise. 6. The part of the first part undertakes to make available to the partnership a formal licence for the use and exploitation of this patent. With all the plans. Models and designs relating thereto during the existence of the partnership and the licence may not be terminated as long as the undertaking continues to determine whether or not the part of the first part is a partner of the partnership and the licence. And whereas, in the present circumstances, the parties have come together and decided to do business in partnership in order to exploit the aforementioned patent to the extent possible, for the benefit of all of them, under the following conditions. . . .