Maternity Leave Agreement

We will also take steps to help mothers who return to the labour market after the end of their maternity leave (for example. B By introducing flexible work schedules or home work) Our corporate maternity leave policy outlines the company`s provisions for workers who are expecting a child and need time to care for and care for their newborn. For paid and unpaid maternity leave, the following explanations apply: the maternity leave application form shows the date you want to start the leave and the expected date of return to work (if you intend to return to your workplace). Your incremental date is maintained during your joint maternity/parental leave. Otherwise, instead of getting a payment for the hours worked, you can, in agreement with the manager, get a break for those hours. This directive can be read in conjunction with the Common Parental Leave Directive, which offers parents greater flexibility in the common management of their children in the first year. You can choose to reduce your maternity leave prematurely and share the remaining leave and the right to a salary with your partner. This allows parents to be at work at the same time and/or take turns taking time off to care for their child. If you do not have sufficient services with the university to qualify for the university maternity leave system, you may be entitled to two separate maternity benefits: statutory maternity allowance and maternity leave. Regular Maternity Leave (OML): the first 26 weeks of maternity leave. Training and development can be continued during maternity leave.

(For example, during maternity leave, there may be a training course that could be important to the role of the employee or allow the employee to attend a conference). If you cannot return to the end of your maternity leave for medical reasons, please send medical evidence and you will be treated as a worker on sick leave. Maternity leave is divided into six months of “ordinary maternity leave” (OML) and six months of “additional maternity leave” (AML). There is no minimum service requirement. If the employee`s child is born on April 5, 2015 and she and her partner qualify, the employee may receive joint parental leave instead of taking the OML and AML completely. Before and after 5 April 2015, staff can take the OML and AML in its entirety and cannot benefit from joint parental leave. All of your maternity/common parental leave is charged on your permanent employment. If you are not working because of a pregnancy after the start of the 4th week before the scheduled week of birth, the university reserves the right to ask you to start your maternity leave. In this case, sickness benefits are suspended and maternity benefits begin to be paid. Regardless of your working time or working time, you are entitled to maternity leave of up to 52 weeks, with the right to return to work before or at the end of this period.

If the work occurs earlier than expected, the start and end dates of maternity leave may be changed accordingly by an official document.