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The Department of Collective Bargaining also represents IAM members in the United States, employed under agreements managed by the AFL-CIO`s Department of Metal Trades. The collective agreement division provides negotiating information, support from the jurisdiction and labour to help negotiate the best possible agreements. Whether we like it or we do, the COVID 19 pandemic has changed us: how we live and how we work. This means that it has also changed the way we deal with our collective agreements and that we deal with complaints and arbitration procedures. The “new normal” has changed in “The Normal” as 2021 approaches. Most of us have already accepted video conferencing in our lives. Employers reassessed the need for a key task of the TCU to negotiate agreements to improve the working lives of members and enforce these agreements when an employer attempts to violate them. Home Divisions “Headquarters” Collective Negotiations” Coordinated National Contracts and Agreements For the latest finning fare updates, see the Finning 2020 tab under the head of negotiations. Just a reminder to all employees of the bargaining unit that you only have 24 hours if you have not yet participated in the strike vote. Show your solidarity! Crown Cork – Seal General Electric Haier Harley-Davidson Motor Company Jet Engines Schneidler Siemens Swissport Trane Home Territories ” TCU Union” Contracts and Resources Union When Cyr applied for certification from the BC Labour Relations Board, it was for 22 people.

The employer wanted to add more classifications to increase the number of voters — a standard technique that should water down IAM support. Cyr accepted the largest number and reapplyed for 38 workers. When the vote finally took place, a large majority voted in favour of the IAM. www.npd.ca/aviation Share these… FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedin For most of 2020, IAM has been seeking federal support for the aviation sector. IAM members and their families are invited to support our ongoing efforts by signing the NDP petition: www.ndp.ca/aviation. 2020 has been an unprecedented year – we can all agree on that. And the air and air industry was on November 23, 2020 for the immediate release of North Bay, ON – IAM Members of Local Lodge 2412 are working at Kohltech Windows are pleased to have ratified a new three-year collective agreement with the new group of owners earlier known as Seym Windows. Highlights of the agreement include annual wage increases, implementation of a dental plan, increased job bonuses, signing bonuses and many other positive language changes. Grand Lodge Representative Ralph Martin declared by Derek Ferguson, GLR Political Action Bill 47 – The Jason Kenney Alberta ucP government`s recent attack on workers` rights is deceptively called the “Ensuring Safety and Cutting Red Tape Act.” The so-called “red ribbon” in the OhS Act and the Workers` Compensation Act. This will harm Alberta workers rather than ensure their safety. Kenny`s Bill 47 overturns the OHS: TRANSPORTATION DISTRICT LODGE NO.

140 BYLAWS – What is a reciprocity agreement? This is a tripartite agreement (Finning Canada, IAM LL 692, IAM LL99) that imposes the process of transferring our members to work in BC and vice versa. This document also governs the temporary transfer of members of the two Aboriginal people between the provinces. IAM Local 907, whose members work for the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), has ratified its first collective agreement with the IAM.