Xilinx Software License Agreement

4.7 The licensee cannot place, rent, rent, lend, lend, operate, sub-concede or transfer the materials granted in one way or another. #Example Floating License – SERVER my_server1 80f0e696 2100 ` USE_SERVER ` VENDOR xilinxd` This license is valid for permanent validity (0 days) from Do Mar 05 16:53:45 GMT-00:00 2012 INCREMENT Logic_Edition xilinxd 2013.03 permanent 10 10 9AF27E183C6 joe@gmail.com VENDOR_STRING D _Logic_Edition_software_permanent_1000 `ISSUER-“Xilinx Inc” START-05-Mar-2012 TS_OK – ————————————————————— – PACKAGE Vivado_System_Edition xi 2013.03 BCA973EE74F2 – COMPONENTS-SDK SysGen PartialReconfiguration Simulation – Allows update with the latest license without simulation, system etc. For purchases made through Xilinx`s authorized distributor, this section is 5 (payment; Taxes) do not apply. Xilinx invoices the licensee for the licensee determined by Xilinx under this contract and all amounts set in a support renewal order issued by the licensee. The licensee must pay these invoices in full thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice, without deduction, counter-debt or compensation. Outstanding amounts are increased by one and a half (1.5%) or at the highest statutory interest rate, if less. Regardless of the above, Xilinx may require prepayment or other guarantees, subject to a credit check of Xilinx`s payment history or a change in the financial situation. If the licensee`s procedures require that an invoice be filed against an order before payment can be made, the licensee is responsible for issuing that order thirty (30) days before the payment`s due date. In cases where licence fees have been paid in advance and remain valid under a Xilinx Productivity Advantage (XPA) licensing protocol (XPA) or similar agreement, the remaining budget available to the licensee will be reduced by the amount of the licence fee and all amounts set in a support renewal order issued by the licensee. No no. Vivado licenses are only released when the streams are actually running. Yes, for a LogiCORE IP Core network list to obtain current license status, the LogiCORE IP Core must be re-generated.

You can purchase one of the following types of licenses to enable the use of Xilinx software applications: 1. For different types of vivado tools and IP licenses, by the Vivado License Manager (VLM): In addition to managing product authorizations for your purchased tools and IP, you can also access no charge or evaluation product authorizations. Full licenses and paid licenses have a subscription period of one year. The tool analysis lasts 30 days and the IP scan is 120 days. A. With a floating network license, SmartXplorer and ExploreAhead control only one tool license or seat, although many ficiers (z.B. 30) are on the go on many different network machines (z.B 30). With node-locked licenses, users cannot use SmartXplorer or ExploreAhead to spawn on other computers, but perform multiple commands locally on this individual license (. B, for example, an order on each processor in a multi-core system).

In vivado IDE, open the IP catalog and search in the License column of the IP catalog. Each LogiCORE IP Core that contains the license required for the Xilinx installation displays the word “included” in this column. Each LogiCORE IP Core required by the user for the purchase and an additional license for IP use displays the word “purchase” in this column. Note: A customer already licensed for a full version of a Xilinx tool product may test other product or IP versions of Xilinx Design Tool.