Work Phone Agreement Template

Our company reserves the right to monitor the excessive or inappropriate use of their mobile phones by employees. If the use of an employee`s phone results in a loss of productivity or affects our operation, we prohibit that employee from using his or her mobile phones. A mobile phone agreement for staff defines the rights and obligations of the employer and the worker. The agreement may include the company`s mobile phones, personal phones used for business purposes, or even the use of their own phones for personal use during work. Yes, yes. You should change the model to change the company name in the school name and indicate the school schedules and each school day for which your policy applies. You can redismiter the language that relates to business use. And rewrite your disciplinary area to include teacher and disciplinary action regarding the phone, which is taken as school property for the rest of the school year, if the student does not respect the use of the phone during schooling. Mobile phones and mobile devices are an integral part of our personal and professional lives. But the ubiquity of this technology has created a series of unique problems that you may not have addressed in your work manual. That is why it is important to develop a directive on mobile phones at work. Don`t forget to include guidelines on using their personal mobile phones during working hours.

We recognize that mobile phones can be great tools for our employees. We recommend that employees use mobile phones when: The Mobile Phone Directive provides general rules for the use of mobile phones during working hours. Our mobile phone policy applies to all owners, managers and employees. A mobile phone agreement for employees` own phones is generally less detailed than an agreement for a company-issued phone because the company does not have the phone or phone number. The company cannot dictate how often the phone is used for personal reasons. Companies should consider making mobile phones available to employees so that they can have stricter controls on phones, i.e. when and where calls should take place, as well as the ability to display employee hiss history during calls and email usage. In addition, a company may use a global positioning system on the mobile phone to track the physical location of employees working outside the office, especially those working in domestic sales or repair services. Companies can also submit a directive on the use of the employee`s personal mobile phone for company calls.

In this case, the employer can pay part of the employee`s monthly bill, depending on the amount of extra money spent on business calls or emails. Some companies do not provide mobile phones, but indicate that the employee`s personal mobile phone must be used for business purposes. these companies can pay back the employee`s full monthly bill.