Uvic Residence Agreement

Learn more about the opportunities for UVic students and graduates. The Community Living Handbook describes everything you need to know about living in your new home, including your shared rights and obligations. This is an important document that all current and future residents should read to better understand the community you will be joining, the rights and expectations we all share, and the possible consequences for inappropriate behaviour. Please conclude the rental agreement and send a digital or scanned copy (PDF) to reslockers@uvic.ca. UVic offers hotel and residence accommodations for visitors to Victoria. Due to public health constraints, we are unable to provide self-isolation accommodation to students arriving from abroad in our buildings. For a list of options for sites where you can isolate yourself before you move in, please contact housing@uvic.ca. To preserve the well-being of the roommate, all residents must show respect for each other and for the community as a whole. These standards are met by all members of the community and are actively respected by all housing staff. For the safety and comfort of all students who live in residences, Residence Services has guidelines for the use of bed bugs. We can`t wait to see you in the residence! Before you start packing, check these lists so you have everything you need before you arrive. All students who live in a community unit with one or more roommates are expected to participate in our mandatory 101 roommate program. This program helps facilitate discussions between roommates, with the aim of developing an agreement on what the coming year will be in your common space.

Read the detailed pricing plan to see the payments required for each term of a residence contract. www.uvic.ca/systems/support/internettelephone/wireless/wifi-information-for-students.php you will most likely find things around the residence until your roommates arrive. You can find roommates who live in your residence and you may be confronted with the home cleaning staff. Community leaders are in training and are not yet available. It may also work some construction and maintenance personnel, which can cause noise disturbance during business hours. The following items are not allowed in any residence: Internet services are offered as part of the residence contract. Learn more about UVic`s Internet service. The UVic Residence and Meal Plan Bursary supports Canadian students who demonstrate their financial needs and live in the residence (without family housing).

Each scholarship is valued at a maximum of $1,500. To be eligible, you must have an eight-month contract (September to April) in residence. Documents, important data and other resources for UVic students living in a residence. In the event that prohibited furniture and/or appliances are transferred to dwellings without the permission of the Residence Services, the occupant is required to remove the object. E-Mail-housing@uvic.ca for more information. Insurance may be available as an extension of your family`s home insurance. Talk to your insurance agent to confirm that you have adequate insurance coverage. Please note that from your arrival on campus until the start date of your 2020-21 residence contract, you are required to comply with the 2020-21 residence contract. The fee for individual and double dorms includes the cost of a standard meal schedule. Residents of apartments and cluster rooms can purchase exempt meals separately.

The day of the move is Sunday, September 6, 2020 — and it`s a great day at UVic. This year, our Move-in Day will be different to make sure we practice physical dersage. You will receive detailed information from us by email before you arrive here, so stay put and check your email. You should also sign up for the new student orientation that takes place before classes start.