To Express Agreement Approve

Society to officially approve something or officially approve that something has been satisfactorily concluded by signing your name to endorse behaviors that most people consider to be false Although words support and approve, have much in common, support an explicit statement of support. Nglish: Translation of the authorization of the Spanish spokespersons What prompted you to do the research? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). An informal way of expressing consent for something is the current continuous form of verbs like or love to use: I love this five-day weekend! I really like my new phone. “Approve.” thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, Access 6 Dec 2020. Some common synonyms of approve are accredited, certified, confirmed and sanctioned. While all these words mean “having or expressing a positive opinion,” consent often implies no more than that, but can suggest great esteem or admiration. One way to express consent is to use a positive adjective like good, awesome, amazing, fantastic, perfect or wonderful with the verb: It was awesome/amazing/fantastic. It`s a good/great/great idea. In some situations, the words sanction and authorization are roughly equivalent.

However, sanctions are both authorization and authorization. Both accredit and generally certify official confirmation of compliance with established standards. . You can also use one of these adjectives with the verbs to see or ring: it is good/superb. Sounds good. That`s great for me! It looks great or perfect. You can say that you like or like the way someone does, loves or loves something: I love the way you have arranged this room. I love the way she writes.

Formally, to show the authorization of a behavior or a certain conviction, to officially declare that a person or organization is good enough to provide a certain type of service. You can also use phrases as good for yourself or done well to show permission for something someone has done. American English uses the phrase good work: “I have a level of post-administration in business management.” “Yes? It`s good for you!¬†Well done for such an excellent site. Good work in monitoring this report. take into account the fact that something is fit or good enough for a particular purpose There are many ways to show disapproval. Here are some of them: It doesn`t look (too/that) good/awesome. It doesn`t sound/seems like a very good idea. I don`t really like the way she talks to her kids. We only see each other three hours a day, and I don`t like it at all. I`m not impressed with his customer service.