Quotes On Free Trade Agreements

Donald Trump believed that the whole history of trade agreements, most of which I have supported over the years, was not effective, and I came to the conclusion that he was right. Votes: 0 I am in favour of joining a free trade area. The European Union is not such an area, but an area of bureaucracy that tears every hectolitre of wine and beef. Votes: 0 Uruguay is one of the largest software manufacturers. We are breaking with the neoliberal model. We do not believe in free trade. Votes: 0 You watch people run for president, and much of what they say they never follow. But I don`t think they can afford to wait for these [trade agreements]. Votes: 0 I agree with Trump: these trade agreements were not good deals for America and need to be corrected. Basically, the myth is that America was founded on the free market. The government has done very little; it has been able to prosper in free trade. But if you look at history, it is actually the country that has been most successful with protectionist policy.

Votes: 2 I think the important point is that we need to have a president who understands the benefits of free trade, but who will also impose unfair trade agreements and oppose other countries. Why should we believe the people who are constantly trying to advance these trade agreements and who do not even admit when things have gone wrong? It gives workers the feeling that the process is being manipulated. The reason is that it is rigged. I am not a free trade man who is willing to recover all the money we need to raise through direct taxes on people, and I am not prepared to levy a tax just for protection if the government does not need the money. Unfair trade agreements, passed by both Republicans and Democrats, have sent millions of jobs to other countries. We need to put an end to these haemorrhages and find out how American workers can compete in the new market. However, inflationism is not an isolated phenomenon. It is only a piece within the global framework of the political,economic and socio-philosophical ideas of our time. Just as the sound monetary policy of the gold standard advocates went hand in hand with liberalism, free trade, capitalism and peace, inflation is part of imperialism, militarism, protectionism, statism and socialism. Votes: 2 Before redoubling our efforts to reduce barriers to international free trade, we need to look at the consequences of past policies and address the problems of the present. Votes: 0 My advice is to listen and accept the will of the American people, republican voters. The Republican Party is the “no” Republican Party and Republican voters are more opposed to these trade deals than Democratic voters.

Votes: 0 I support the view that free trade in goods and services is a win-win situation. I am not convinced that the free movement of capital is a win-win situation. Voice: 0 We`ve been the crazy country for so long with this free trade, but it`s not free trade, because – you know, it just doesn`t work. I mean, it doesn`t work. They look at the deficits we have. Unfortunately, the United States has several free trade agreements that do not protect and sufficiently support our manufacturing industry and the millions of American workers who employ it. Votes: 0 You do not export democracy by the Ministry of Defence or the Minister of Defence. They do so through trade agreements, through the Department of Commerce and through favourable agreements with our friends and neighbours around the world. Voice: 2 First of all, this country embodies something quite unique: the first democratic empire in history.

Since the post-war period, we have used free trade and democracy to create a series of relationships that end the war. Votes: 2 Free trade is largely responsible for the continuation of the international conflict.