Piano Lesson Agreement Form

Keep in mind that makeup lesson requests must be made in writing to be valid and depend on the teacher`s available time to reprogram them. New lessons cannot be rescheduled, and only the student can take a makeup lesson. Online teaching: All students should be prepared for online instruction at all times if necessary. The reasons for this transition are: the illness of the teacher, the student or an immediate family member, bad weather, social disintegration and other reasons. If they cannot participate in person, all students have the opportunity to plan each lesson online if they plan 6 hours. Students must have a web-enabled device with a camera and microphone. All PianoClass learning opportunities take place in a virtual environment and use secure and free platforms for you: for planning purposes, we estimate the number of lessons that would likely take place during your contract. Nevertheless, you can change that number that visits shorter or shorter lessons. The only fixed setting is the entire time of the video exchanged through your contractual period. Teachers have until the end of the next school day (except Saturday) to finish your lesson and send the video with the new guidelines. You inform Professor z.B. that your video will be available on Wednesday at 9am in your PianoClass vimeo, in order to respond by the end of Thursday. However, if you give them Friday at 8 p.m., the teacher`s instructions will be sent to you before the end of next Monday.

Service charge: Depending accounts are billed with a management fee of $10 per month. NSF Cheques` service fee is $45. If a student`s teaching is delayed by more than 30 days, classes may be interrupted and the student`s teaching time may be given to a student on the waiting list. Criminal record examinations or other fees a result of the requirements of the home school or other school associations are charged to the student. All these and other materials that are provided or requested by the teacher should always be with you in your classes. Without the availability of full material, the live lesson can be completed earlier. Our lessons are prepared in advance, in a special calendar for you to get the best musical results in no time. Plan your studies, use the teaching materials, follow all your teacher`s instructions and practice it daily to reach your true artistic potential. Remember that you are building new habits, and they constantly need reinforcements to become simple and natural. Education is divided into ten equal payments between September 1, 2020 and June 1, 2021.

Teaching for each student pays for weekly lessons, group events and rentals such as refresher and performance courses, studio maintenance and administrative time. Summer courses are paid separately when enrolling in summer classes. For participants in the Zero Absence program, the remaining teaching time is used to provide relevant material that can be sent via video or email.